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USA ... Land of the free, home of the brave!

In this issue of thebalance:


Incentive Travel:

"If you’ve seen one redwood tree, you’ve seen them all." ~ Ronald Reagan

Learn to blend wine:
Get together a bunch of friends, clients or colleagues ...

Vertical Events:
Take your product launch to new heights

We announce the WINNERS of the Weekends For Two at Montagu Springs Resort AND Montagu Country Hotel!



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Oscar Focus

With the Oscars fresh in our minds, I thought that it would be appropriate to look at travel in the States for this week’s incentive. I know of some friends that managed to watch it live in the early hours of the morning,  I settled for a great evening on the couch on Monday night...

There is also another reason to focus on the States – there is a trip in the planning stages, which is always an exciting thing to be doing.

We have our winners for the last competition – there are two lucky couples heading for a weekend in Montagu – what a divine escape.

Rugby Season has started again we decided to focus on Vertical Rugby in this week’s Vertical Event feature, look out for our exciting clip below.

Finally we wish you a fabulous summer sunshine weekend and hope that you will be joining in the Cancer Shavethon on Saturday .

With love

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and the team at
The Balance of Work2Play



Eternal Star:
There is a part of you that is perfect and pure. It is untouched by the less-than-perfect characteristics you have acquired by living in a less than perfect world. This part of you is a still and eternal star. Make time to reach it and this will bring you untold benefit.

Incentive Travel

Our list of top things to see and do in California
Yosemite Park
Wine Tasting in the Napa Valley
Crystal Mining
Disney Land
Lake Tahoe
Disney Land
Universal Studios


Land of the free, home of the brave!

As you know (we South Africans know a little more about America than they generally know about us!!) the States is a rather large country. Too big to do in one visit, so the question would be where to start!!

The cheapest way to get there is from Johannesburg to New York. From there, there is a wonderful train trip for three days which will take one along the Canadian border and deliver you to California.

Then next to California is the Nevada state and there is a really strange festival – Burning Man

Burning Man is a week-long annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, in the United States. The event starts on the Monday before, and ends on the day of, the American Labor Day holiday. It takes its name from the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy on Saturday evening. The event is described by many participants as an experiment in community, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance

Because of the variety of goals fostered by participatory attendees, known as "Burners," Burning Man does not have a single focus. Features of the event are subject to the participants and include community, artwork,absurdity, decommodification and revelry. Participation is encouraged.

The Burning Man event is governed by 10 principles, which are radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation, and immediacy.

To read more about these principles or about burning man, see


Click here to see more of the incentives that we have been privileged to do in the last ten years and Email Us to quote on your next Company Incentive Trip



Vertical Events

Take a look at the incredible video:


Vertical Rugby - 25 to 0 win for your brand and your brand communication

5 to 0 for your brand - Cheers of encouragement of the cheerleaders, dancing in the middle of the playing field, echo through the location. The two Flying Rugby teams are floating in the air - the shirts of the players bear the logo of your brand. The first half of the most extraordinary rugby match ever has started!

10 to 0 for your brand - The location: A vertical rugby field at the side of a scaffolding rig or the façade of a building.
The players: Vertical acrobats of the Jochen Schweizer team.
The occasion: Top match of the Flying Rugby Cup sponsored by your brand.

15 to 0 for your brand - In the halftime break of the Flying Rugby match, the "flying" mascot of your company - of course secured by a rope - will appear at the location, before the actors start the second half of the match to the cheers of the crowd.

20 to 0 for your brand - The rugby match, which is perfectly taken in scene by choreography and music, as well as the powerful dance performances of the cheerleaders branded by your logo will enthuse both the press and the audience.

During all that, the logo and the advertising message of your brand are always present on and besides the Flying Rugby playing field - 25 to 0 win for your brand!


The most important details on Flying Rugby at a glance:

Required height min.:

Flying Rugby®
Outdoor wall, a scaffolding rig is also very suitable
7 meters, width starting from 6 meters
According to your individual needs
According to your individual needs





The Wine Blending experience

The ultimate skill in the art of wine making is that of making the perfect blend.

The blending course discusses the different cultivars, the use of wooden barrels and the techniques of blending.
Participants then make their own blend and enjoy tasting it and comparing it to the blends that others have made.

This is a wonderful corporate team building exercise and group entertainment that allows the participants to unwind in an informal environment.

• Groups are divided into teams to add that competitive edge.
• Blending led by qualified winemaker.
• Interactive involvement using the tools of the trade.
• Quality wines sourced by our winemaker from the barrel.
• Entertain clients and friends.
• Packages tailored to your requirements.

Email us a
t for more information

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Notice Board
WINNERS - They win a Weekend for 2 at Montagu Springs Holiday Resort and Mongagu Country Hotel respectively...

Montagu Springs Resort can best be described as an oasis at the gateway to the Little Karoo. The Resort is located between two mountain ranges and boasts crystal clear air, away from all pollution. It is strategically positioned on the scenic drive between the Garden Route area and Cape Town. The approach to Montagu from Ashton, through Cogman's Kloof, is awesome.


The WINNER of a Weekend for 2 at Montagu Springs Resort is

Yvette Charzen


The Montagu Country Hotel’s Colonial “Art Deco” style is based on the 1920’s Paris design, and its "Luxury"rooms are rated 4 star. The Hotel offers traditional cuisine, complimented by local wines and Golden Oldies played on a Baby Grand. Enjoy sundowners on the wooden deck of the Dog and Trumpet pub, and experience the healing water of our mineral pool or the Wellness Centre's health treatments Explore the wine route in a chauffeur-driven Cadillac. Modern conference facilities for up to 60 delegates. Wedding packages available.

The WINNER of a Weekend for 2 at Montagu Country Hotel is

Elmarie Keen

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